Frequently Asked Questions

4mm acrylic weighs 0.88 lbs/sq.ft.

18mm acrylic weighs 4.41 lbs/sq.ft.

Our acrylic is available in 4mm and 18mm. 18mm acrylic is used for cabinet doors and panels, 4mm acrylic for wall panels, furniture, signs, displays and other applications.

We have 13 colors available in 4mm and 18mm. All colors are in stock. View colors here.

We can cut any size doors or panels up to 45” x 120”.

Usually it takes around 10 business days, but it may be sooner. It depends on what we have in production and overall workload.

We sell our product across North America (Canada and USA). For other locations, please contact our sales department.

No. Our acrylic is a solid piece and uniform color goes all the way through.

Yes. We can bore the hinge holes according to your specifications.

Yes. Please take a look at the edge profiles, or contact our sales department.

Yes. Please take a look at finger pull design options.

Polymethyl methacrylate® (PMMA) belongs to a family of synthetic polymers. It is better known as acrylic. PMMA is a tough, highly durable material with excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation and weathering. It can be molded, cut, drilled, and formed. These properties make it ideal for many applications.

Yes. Our acrylic is 100% recyclable. Acrylic sheets do not contain any toxic materials or heavy metals, which may cause environmental damage or health risks.