Our Services

Precision Parts from High Quality Acrylic

As dedicated and skilled as our employees are, they can’t match the precision of machinery that uses computer-aided design and manufacturing. Our specialized CNC machines are the force behind our ability to offer a range of great products including:

  • Acrylic kitchen cabinet doors and panels
  • Acrylic wall panels
  • Acrylic inserts for custom closet doors and aluminum cabinet doors
  • Other accessories cut to custom sizes and shapes

Flexible Services and Finished Products

Customer satisfaction is a critical part of our operation, and that’s why we’re set up to provide design services based on our customers’ needs. We can readily import and work from your CAD files, or we can draw up the parts from scratch if needed. This flexibility is also a big part of the reason we maintain fast turnaround times and better prices than our competitors. Some of our most popular acrylic options and design elements include:

  • A variety of edge profiling
  • Saw cut edges polished with a special polishing machine
  • Custom finger pulls for acrylic doors
  • Bored hinge holes for cabinet doors

Accessible Repair Services

It’s one thing to say that a product can be easily repaired. It’s another thing to have an accessible system in place to handle these repairs. For minor scratches, you can simply ship the door or panel to us. We’ll give it a good polish and send it back to you with all its former glory intact. Or, if you don’t want to wait, you can give us a call. One of our technicians will provide a detailed explanation about how to fix the problem and answer any follow-up questions you may have. Our local clients may also enjoy the added convenience of having one of our technicians polish the item in place.

Service + Product = Results

All the machinery and infrastructure in the world doesn’t make a difference if it doesn’t match the product’s strengths. Our solid acrylic product is specifically manufactured to withstand the rigors of thermoforming, cutting, drilling, and polishing that we use to create custom acrylic doors, panels, and accessories. At Brenxo, we’ve combined a great solid acrylic product with cutting-edge technologies and responsive services. And, in so doing, we’ve created the best possible result for our customers.