High Gloss Acrylic Projects and Designs

Why Designers and Architects Choose Brenxo Acrylic

Better than the Rest

One of the cheapest imitators of high gloss solid acrylic is MDF (medium density fiberboard) painted with a polyester lacquer. This product may look great for a little while, but the color fades with time, especially when exposed to sunlight. Worse, it gets completely ruined if it gets wet. And if the surface is scratched, the door has to be repainted. This leads to big problems since the new paint won’t match the original, faded application.

A thin layer of acrylic glued on to MDF doesn’t do much better. With taped edges and visible seam lines, this product doesn’t compare with Brenxo acrylic from the start. Plus, the MDF is still vulnerable to water damage, while the top layer of acrylic is so thin it’s often impossible to repair when scratched. Similar problems arise with a high gloss look that comes from vinyl wrap MDF. The color changes over time, and any time there’s damage, the whole door or panel has to be replaced.

Visual Appeal that Lasts a Lifetime

A lot of things look great on the showroom floor, but the moment someone asks about real-world durability, the product doesn’t meet expectations. In contrast, our high-gloss finish creates stunning effects, while also providing a UV stable material with zero fading, a wide selection of colors, and easy repair work for minor scratches. Architects and designers know that their projects have to withstand the test of time and the rigors of everyday living, and that’s why so many of them choose acrylic from Brenxo.

Happy, Healthy Living Environments

Our high gloss solid acrylic stands up to more than just fading and warping. Even with a nasty mixture of glue and chemicals, the sawdust that’s in MDF offers an organic material for bacterial growth, while our antibacterial acrylic creates a more hygienic living environment. This is especially important for hospitals, dental offices, medical clinics, and other environments where hygiene is essential. But effective cleaning and easy maintenance is also a priority for many of our residential customers.

Design Plus Workability

Along with the material’s natural durability, our solid acrylic is incredibly easy to work with. Starting with curved doors and panels, thermoforming adds an entire menu of design possibilities. Out of the question when using acrylics glued on to MDF, finger pulls, beveling, and other dynamic edging are no problem with Brenxo. Architects and designers also recognize our responsive services and technology infrastructure. Whether the design is captured in the latest CAD software program or sketched on the back of a napkin, we know how to get the results our customers are looking for.

Eco-Friendly for Guilt-Free Beauty

Both as a selling point to customers and for the inherent value of sustainability, our solid acrylic is also a better eco-friendly option. The high gloss polyester lacquer is among the most toxic of any paint or lacquer, but any MDF product is going to include potentially harmful glue and chemicals. Plus, our acrylics are 100% recyclable. Even after a lifetime of use, they can be refabricated with minimal environmental impact.