High Gloss Acrylic Wall Panels

High-Gloss Kitchen Wall Panels: A Hidden Gem for Remodels

Kitchen wall panels are often the final piece of the puzzle for a kitchen remodel: Counters, sinks, and appliances create the high-functioning kitchen space necessary for efficient meal preparation as well as larger hosting duties. Meanwhile, cabinetry - along with providing storage - is the face of the kitchen.

But a kitchen remodel also has a huge impact on the general style of your home decorating. And every homeowner wants a beautiful looking kitchen. To this point, high-gloss paneling from Brenxo can be provide the perfect accent piece - a hidden gem that may end up competing for the signature feature of your remodeling project.

Kitchen Wall Panels and Your Design

The right kitchen design brings all the various elements together in a stunning presentation. But for the décor in particular, kitchen wall panels can really steal the show. Either as a backsplash surround or for an opposite-facing wall, our variety of color in a high-gloss finish makes it easy to find the ideal complement for the rest of your kitchen interior and your personal color preferences.

Plus, by using high-gloss panels as a visual focal point, you take a lot of the pressure off your cabinet and countertop décor letting you put the emphasis on functionality and value for these kitchen surfaces. To get a better sense of how these panels might look in your kitchen, we invite you to visit our Gallery of featured acrylic projects.

High-Gloss Panels for Small and Large Kitchens

Wall paneling is often associated with large kitchen areas. The extra space may call out for a decorative flourish. Simple, modern design lines speak to the frenetic pace of contemporary life, but plainness becomes boring when taken to extremes. Brenxo's line of solid acrylic doors and panels can create the distinctive look you've been missing.

That said, paneling works for kitchens of all sizes, especially if you're looking at a modern-style kitchen. As InteriorDesign4 reminds us, "If you have a small kitchen, then you should paint the walls in monochromatic colors in order to get an impression of bigger space." And this goes double when you choose the reflective surface of our high-gloss acrylic. In fact, by pairing it with a flat-finish of the same color for your countertop or other kitchen surface, you can make good use of this small kitchen tip without overdoing the monochromatic decorating scheme.

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