Why We Started Brenxo

From our previous experience, we already knew about the potential of solid acrylic for both residential and commercial design applications. But we also saw an opportunity to take this material and deliver a product that is more versatile and more affordable at the same time. And so, starting in 2010, we created a manufacturing team to work with acrylic and handle all our customers’ needs.

How We Got Here

From the very beginning, we were excited about our custom acrylic doors, panels, and accessories. And we’re proud to say that we haven’t been disappointed in what we’ve been able to accomplish. Brenxo is now able to consistently turn the benefits of this material into more successful projects.

What does this mean for our customers? It means they’ve found the combination of value and vision that they’re seeking for their cabinet doors, wall paneling, backsplashes, and other accessories. It means they’ve found a manufacturer who’s not afraid of custom specs and eccentric design elements. It means people no longer have to choose between regular acrylic sheets containing MDF and a price tag that rivals some of the most expensive materials out there. Now, they can simply choose Brenxo.

Our manufacturing prowess and responsive services also allow us to serve many different kinds of customers. Our acrylics can be adopted for residential interiors, commercial spaces, and other sites all with great results.

Forward Looking

Whether it’s a new decorating trend, interior design challenge, or simply a personal preference, Brenxo welcomes the chance to collaborate on adding a truly distinctive element to your residence or commercial space. Our combination of computerized manufacturing and expert design technicians allow us to deliver the future of interior design today.

Even in the brief period of time since our start, Brenxo has been able to separate itself from the pack by offering a comprehensive outlet for custom design services and high-quality high gloss acrylics. And we look forward to further establishing our position as an industry leader in solid acrylics. We’re always on the lookout for new technologies and infrastructure that can better meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We’re also continually updating our color selections to keep up with the latest trends in interior design. We can deliver the highest quality product today, and be your interior design partner for future acrylic applications.